Cosmo Recycling Inc.


• Sell recycled engineering and post consumer plastics pellets.

• Sell raw (virgin) plastic resins Cooperate with leading plastic producing factories in Taiwan, including Chi Mei


• Recycle material sourcing and evaluation / OEM.

• Agent of Japan Silicon Base PC (high and low temperature impact resistance type).

• Compliant with Taiwan Environmental Pollution Law.

• Utilize the best technologies in the industry to offer and maximize cost savings via our efficiently collecting and

  production experiences.

• Professional , Quality Control, Environmental Protection Concerned.

Services and commitment

• Proper selection and manufacturing of materials.

• Comply with local environmental laws and regulations.

• Establishment of stable and strong purchasing, manufacturing, and sale network to serve the broad market demands

  which include Taiwan/ China/ United States.

• Chen Jin Co., Ltd uses effective techniques to separate and collect plastic materials to achieve greatest cost down for

  our customers.

• We are committed to provide professional and superior services for our customers through our endeavor to preserve

  the natural ecology of our planet.